“Becoming immersed in movement assessments and using the ViPerform AMI has truly been a game changer for me.  I have been a PT for 22 years and this has had a huge impact on changing the way I look at all lower kinetic chain injuries and also on enhancing athletic performance.  It has also helped to establish relationships with teams and physicians and drive sports medicine business into our clinics.  Its truly a differentiator.”

Sam R., PT, OCS, MCT
Regional Director of Sports Medicine

“Revolutionary.  Transformative.  Rarely does a tool or technique come through the clinic that could be considered revolutionary and transformative with regard to patient care.  However, the ViPerform AMI is just that.  Given it’s remarkable sensitivity in detecting human movement, and subsequently, it’s capacity to inform clinical practice and patient management, the ViPerform AMI has truly revolutionized my practice.  It has opened doors and provided opportunities that would not otherwise have been available.  Most importantly, it has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of patients – in my care – that would have otherwise been managed conventionally.  For the clinician that truly desires to be a movement expert, the ViPerform AMI is an indispensable tool that has no equal.”

Grant S., PT, OSC
Area Coordinator of Sports Medicine

“The ViPerform AMI has continuously demonstrated to myself and my athletes the need for this technology to take our rehab and performance training to the next level. The data and visual feedback these athletes get to see has been great in getting that ultimate buy in we always strive for. I can say that having this at my fingertips has truly allowed me to take my creativity to the next level to improve these motor patterns and movement faults we see on a day to day basis.”

Caroline J., DPT, CSMT, SCS
Sports Program Manager

The AMI has significantly impacted the way I advance an athlete in a protocol or make return-to-sport recommendations. The objective data allows me give an athlete detailed information based on validated research, while also using video feedback to enhance the learning effect. The report has allowed us to more closely partner with orthopedic surgeons, who are learning how valuable the data can be as they make recommendations to athletes and their families. Not only can the test validate the need to continue rehabilitation, but it guides us towards the specific movement faults that are most responsible for compensatory behaviors. Being able to tell a parent that a big decision like return-to-sport will be based off of how their son or daughter actually moves rather than how we think he or she moves is extremely powerful.

Time and again we have tested athletes who have completed therapy somewhere else, and yet show massive deficits during their performance on the AMI. This is a tool that has immense potential to differentiate us from other PT clinics a family could choose.

Abrigail G, DPT, SCS
Center Manager

The Dorsa Vi AMI has allowed me to quantify movements/core strength and relate those back to the literature for returning my athletes back to their sports/activities knowing they are safe to return. It has also allowed me to educate patients/parents with where the athlete is at and where they need to get to to return to play safely. It has been extremely beneficial that the wearable technology is able to be used in all different settings from the clinic to performing these on the surfaces they will play on.

DI Athletics PT, ATC