Division I Women’s Volleyball

Impact of ViPerform AMI™ & ACL Play It Safe on Athletic Performance 2016/17 Season

History: Women’s volleyball is considered a high risk sport for lower extremity non-contact musculoskeletal injuries. As a ballistic sport, volleyball strength and conditioning coaches often use vertical jump and clean and jerk as performance measures to assess an athlete’s progress as well as performance. Research indicates both of these measures are directly impacted by lower kinetic chain biomechanics.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was several fold.

  1. To see if athletes were assessed using the ViPerform AMI and assigned to a level of the ACL Play It Safe based on their results and performed all season long, would this have an impact on injury rates.
  2. If athletes performed the ACL Play It Safe, would there be an impact on performance of the ViPerform AMI
  3. If athletes had an improvement in ViPerform AMI scores, was there any correlation to improvements in vertical jump and clean & jerk.

Intervention: All women’s volleyball players were assessed using the ViPerform AMI™ at the beginning and end of the season. Based on the results of the test, each player was assigned to a level on the ACL Play It Safe program which they performed 3 days per week throughout the season and in the off season. Analysis included:

  1. Comparison of injury data from previous 3 years to current intervention period
  2. Comparison of individual player’s pre-intervention ViPerform AMI scores to post intervention ViPerform AMI scores.
  3. Comparison of individual player’s pre-intervention performance measures to post intervention performance measures.

Results: Results for this group were as follows: 1. Non-contact lower kinetic chain injuries (foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back) was reduced by 60%. 2. Players experienced an average of 41 point improvement on the ViPerform AMI after performing the ACL Play It Safe 3 days per week with an independent t-test P<.001 (sig @ P<.05). Range of improvement from 21 to 54 points. 3. Players experienced an average of 1.18 inch increase in VJ from stance (P<.02) and average of 30# increase in clean and jerk (P<.01)