Division I Football

Impact of ViPerform AMI™ & ACL Play It Safe Injury Rates in Division I Football 2016/17 Season

History: Football is considered one of the highest risk sports for lower extremity non-contact musculoskeletal injuries. As a ballistic collision sport, preventative measures have historically shown little impact on overall injury rates. However, research indicates that the majority of injuries in this sport are non-contact in orientation and lower extremity injuries account for more than 75% of those injuries.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was several fold.

  1. To see if ViPerform AMI can be efficiently implemented in mass physicals with 110 Division I football players.
  2. To see if athletes were assessed using the ViPerform AMI and assigned to a level of the ACL Play It Safe based on their results and performed all season long, would this have an impact on injury rates.

Intervention: All football players were assessed using the ViPerform AMI™ at the beginning. Based on the results of the test, each player was assigned to a level on the ACL Play It Safe program which they performed 3 days per week throughout the season. Analysis included:

  1. Comparison of injury data from previous 3 years to current intervention period
  2. Comparison of total days on the injury reserve list post intervention to previous 3 years pre-intervention.
  3. Comparison of team’s seasonal performance post intervention to previous 3 years per-intervention performance.

Results: Results for this group were as follows:

  1. Lowest recordable injuries in previous 8 years of EMR tracking of data. Breakdown by region as follows:
    • 72% decrease in knee injuries
    • 65% reduction in lumbar spine injuries
    • 53% reduction in lower leg injuries
    • 48.5% reduction in ankle injuries
    • 44% reduction in concussion injuries
    • 7% decrease in foot injuries
  2. Total days on the IR decreased by 60%
  3. Best seasonal performance in the college’s history and for the first time received a national ranking as #25.